the project

change ex change

Curators / artists: Charalambos & Vaso Sergiou
Curatorial overview: Chrystalleni Loizidou
Omikron Gallery, Nicosia

Charalambos and Vaso Sergiou present an interactive group show / installation entitled change ex change, at Omikron Gallery. The exhibition presents modern and contemporary Cypriot artworks from Sergiou’s own collection, inviting the public to exchange these works with others.

Most of the works offered for exchange have been bought by the Sergiou couple as having historical importance for Cypriot art, while others have been created and gifted to them specifically for this exhibition. There is also a small number of pseudepigrapha (falsely attributed) works created by the Sergiou couple, where the two artists consciously appropriate the personal history and the artistic impulse of other Cypriot artists, invoking or borrowing elements from their previous work, and simultaneously reconsidering and reproducing certain elements from the history of Cypriot art (see precedent in Sergiou’s work in the exhibitions Butterfly effect [Omikron Gallery, Nicosia, 2010], Do not feed the humans [Pantheon, Nicosia, 2008], Unauthorised histories [Spiti tis Kyprou, Athens, 2008], What if  [5 Pointz, Long Island NY, 2005]).

The exhibition will be completed in three phases. During the first phase, visitors will have the opportunity to see the original work as a group exhibition and to book a meeting to exchange a piece from the exhibition with another piece by a Cypriot artist, which they will bring in themselves. The exchanges will take place during the second phase, where each person may engage in one exchange, obtaining a certificate of authenticity with the history of the exchanged work. In the third phase, the final work will be presented as an installation, which will be the basis for future exchanges and mutations in other times and places.

First stage: Initial exhibition – installation: 2-9 May 2014
Second stage: Exchange: 10-16 May 2014 (extended)
Third stage: Exhibition of the resulting work in digital form: 4 October, 2014
Info: 99635868 / 99359898 / 99586369

Charalambos & Vaso Sergiou, “Chrystalleni Loizidou (b. 1983)” (2014)